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In Canton, every athlete is measured and improved by the latest in sports performance technology.

Athletes will be tested using the latest technology and cutting edge techniques to determine your strengths and areas of improvement. The Academy provides athletes with the latest in sports performance technology using micro-gait and opto-gait technology to study human locomotion. Using this latest technology for measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of the muscles, we help athletes run and move more efficiently and thus faster which is a must for today's game.  With this information, our athletes can develop the right exercises to properly address his specific need by position.  The world's top athletes get measured and get better using this latest  and expensive technology and so shouldn't you! 

Our performance technology also includes the latest in understanding football IQ. The Academy believes quick decision-making is a core requirement for football success at any position and tracking the athlete's brain through decision-making patterns with the latest technology used by many NFL teams for the NFL Draft and by sports scientists. No matter how our athletes process the game today, we believe you can process the game faster tomorrow.  Brain speed is just as important as foot speed in today's game.


Sports VTS was created to solve the problem of training NFL and College QBs in an environment of safety concerns and increasingly limited practice reps. A wireless, fully immersive, non-contact, simulation providing realistic game speed repetitions throwing a REAL ball into a virtual reality environment powered by 12 years of actual game data. Now QBs can train safely while building all the skills and in-game instincts required to win. Everything you can do in real practice and more...

Virtual Training

Real Ball

Real Reps



You will be scientifically measured and tested in every possible way by experts who have been evaluating, recruiting and scouting their whole professional careers. You will study film like the Pros, learn what makes the greats tick and how to become the best football player you can be on and off the field.

Above The Neck Training


Axon Sports is the leading provider of cognitive assessment and training tools to professional, collegiate and elite amateur athletes. Through customized programs at our advanced performance centers or with our individualized iPad/iPhone applications, athletes can assess and improve their skills leveraging six key cognitive domains: pattern recognition, anticipation/reaction, decision making, focus, imagination and emotional regulation.

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