Our Core Values & Promise To You

The Mission of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is to honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote its values and celebrate excellence everywhere. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy was created to empower athletes to succeed, to be excellent on game-day and to reach their destiny.

Every athlete faces a unique and exciting journey. Core to this journey is the ambition for excellence. Core to our belief is that great players are made, not born.

We brought together the nation’s best coaches from the NFL ranks, sports scientists and nationally renowned trainers to the best facility to imagine the future of training at every position. Then we built a very special place where this new facility-based training will live and where special athletes will be called to train.

For today’s athlete, we combined the latest training technology, state of the art testing and master positional coaches from the NFL to create a world class curriculum for today’s middle school and prep athletes. This new training paradigm focuses on the entire athlete.

The Academy lives at the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Village where excellence is the standard and to where the best are called by the very best to have ever played the game.

For your journey, we invite you to a life-changing and career-changing experience at the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy headquartered at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio.