On December 19th, 2019 over 20 High School All-American Athletes announced their college commitment in Mexico City on the red carpet. The players were welcomed by Gold Jackets, Rod Woodson and James Lofton after determining their decision.

The following college commitments were made at National Signing Day:

Sean Wracher: Indiana University

Jarod Wheatley: Vanderbilt University

Liam Dick: University of Pittsburgh

Kameron Brown: Texas A&M

Preston Wilson: Oklahoma State

Jayden Russell: University of Kansas

Chris Adimora: University of Texas

Jowon Briggs: University of Virginia

Maninoa Tufono: USC

Duke Clemens: UCLA

Cam’Ron Kelly: Auburn University

Ja’Varrius Johnson: Auburn University

Michael Johnson Jr.: Penn State

Joshua Delgado: University of Oregon

Jacob Bandes: University of Washington

Bryton Constantin: Clemson University

Sheridan Jones: Clemson University

Saleem Wormley: Penn State

Giles Jackson: University of Michigan

Kevin G. Harris II: University of Alabama

Jahleel Billingsley: University of Alabama

Rian Davis: University of Georgia

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