All-American Maninoa Tufono

All-American Maninoa Tufono

Maninoa Tufono is a 6-3, 230 pound All-American inside linebacker from Punahou, HI. This Class of 2019 Top 100 recruit is attending the Academy to grow his game and work with other elite athletes of his caliber. Speaking with Maninoa, you quickly learn that he is a humble athlete who plays the game with his family on his mind. Maninoa loves the game, but has extra motivation that stems from his grandmother who passed away too soon! Maninoa received his first college offer at her passing which provides him with a perspective that not many teenagers have. He gives a lot of credit to his grandmother for helping shape the young man he is today and even with her passing, she is the driving force behind his game. As Maninoa begins his journey to college he knows that his grandmother would tell him that she’s proud of him, but that his journey has just begun.

Maninoa comes from a talented football family! His father, Albert Tufono played at the University of Washington and for the San Francisco 49er’s. The game has opened many opportunities for this family. It allowed Maninoa’s father to be the first of his family to attend college and now is giving Maninoa and his brothers the chance to follow in their father’s footsteps and fulfill their dreams.

Being at the Hall of Fame has been an overwhelming experience for Maninoa. He’s been able to learn about all the legends of football history and about what it takes to get to that level. While at the Academy he’ll be coached by former NFL legends, Chuck Bresnahan & Rod Woodson and competing with the other top recruits in the country. Maninoa has decided to announce his top 5 schools at the Academy. Tomorrow, Maninoa will give you an inside look at a day as an Academy athlete and his big announcement. Follow the action on Instagram